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Pink Joomla 1.5 template #13279 You can see main design colors bellow and just click on any to perform a new search based on selected color. We are happy, that you are selecting our designs for your websites! Please recommend us to your friend in Facebook or any other social network, also it would be nice if you would write about us in your blog or page. It's always nice to get some kind of feedback or just "thank you". We hope you love our free templates!

This template is 714.75 Kb in size and was downloaded 251 times. It was downloaded 175.2 Mb of this template. This free template was viewed for 485 times (counting started in 2013-04-02), so about 52% of people, who are viewing this template, are downloading for their Joomla 1.5 site. This Pink Joomla 1.5 template #13279 was published In January 17th, 2013. This template was published before starting to count it's views, so views count and percent of people, who downloaded after viewing this template, might be not accurate. If you find this image template, you should tweet about it or if you are a user of Pinterest, please pin it . To follow all the news about you should like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @FreeTemplatesLT.
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